Want to learn and see first-hand how milk is produced on a small-scale organic raw dairy farm?

Education at Laura’s Dairy is a hands-on learning opportunity for students to get a real-life authentic experience of an organic dairy farm, based on the NZ Curriculum. Currently, we have two* immersive programmes available (Y0-2 and Y3-5). We also offer a short 30-45 minutes session for older students.

Kindly sponsored by Ceres Organics and Piko Wholefoods.

Y0-2 Essential Milk

An opportunity to explore the senses of what happens on an organic, biodynamic dairy farm. Students get a close encounter with cows and the milking process, see what they need to eat to produce such lovely and delicious milk.

Y3- 5 Pasture to Milk

Students delve deeper into the life on the organic dairy farm. Through sensory experiences, they explore the various elements of the biodynamic cycle of the dairy herd to produce such delicious milk. The students also get to watch the milking, taste the milk and chat with the farmer, Laura.

Y5 – Y10 An introduction to ethical farming

Want to experience first-hand how an small organic dairy farm makes choices, which benefits the local ecology, community and the wellbeing of the cows?  This half hour opportunity invites you to meet the female farmer, see the milking process and hear what it takes to be sustainable and organic in todays world


Time: 30-45mins (available from 0730 – 0830)

Years 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Class size: 25 – 30 student



Due to the nature of the farming calendar, programmes are only available in Term 1 and Term 4. However, we may be able to host at other times. Please check with us.


We ask that you arrive on time 0930 – 1100 if you would like to see the full-milking operation. As this is a real- farm environment, Farmer Laura needs to continue her daily operations.


Due to valuable sponsorship from CERES organics and Piko Wholefoods, we can offer free sessions (up to 14 classes). Class/ group sizes need to be 15- 20 students.

Further Information

Please email [email protected] for further information, RAMS and NZC details. We look forward to welcoming you.


“Very well targeted to age group, very interactive – girls were constant engaged and the timing was just right” – Teacher

“We need to look after cows to get good milk” – 6 years

“Broad picture of how it all works from soil to milk” – Parent