Raw Milk

Our milk is raw, clean, organic, unmodified and fresh.

It’s a living, whole food. Keeping it raw means it keeps its microbiology that helps you digest it. It’s creamy and delicious, like milk used to be back in the old days.

We milk 10 cows. They keep their calves, we share the milk.

We have healthy soils and healthy, pasture fed cows. We clean and disinfect the teats before milking. We don’t need to pasteurise because our milk is already clean.

The land, animals and milk are free from chemicals and synthetic fertilisers.

Milk is tested every 10 days for pathogens, bacteria, coliforms and somatic cell numbers.

The farm is TB free.

We’re a government verified raw milk producer.

We follow strict animal health and food safety guidelines to make sure the milk is safe to drink.

We produce raw milk because we believe that this is its truest form. It is a vibrant living food that is the perfect distillation of the soil, weather, cows and care of this farm. Keeping milk raw honours this.